Google Hummingbird and What It Means to SEO

Hummingbird is the name of Google's latest algorithm update.

With biggest change since 2010's Caffeine, Google has announced that it has made a change to the fundamental way in which its search algorithm works. This change has been dubbed "Hummingbird" and does have a major impact on the way that sites are displayed on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). How Hummingbird Differs from Previous … [Read more...]

Don’t Sabotage Your SEO Efforts With Weak Customer Interface

customer interface

Picture this... you've spent months on optimizing your site, you've got all your citations set up with the correct NAP data, building links and relationships like crazy, and now you've got page one positioning for your small business and lo and behold, the phone starts ringing with new prospects ready to work with you! Like taking candy from a … [Read more...]

Are You Building Your Business Network?

Where did the month go? Hope you've all rested and are ready to kick off your new year with some hard work.One of the most forward-paying activities for any business owner (small business owner or otherwise) is to build a network. I've mentioned this a time or two (like last year), but building a network is a massive lifeline to your future … [Read more...]

Biggest Lessons in 2012 for Online Business

It's that time of year again. First off - since I'm a bit late here after all the family festivities: happy New Year and Merry Christmas. (Wow that was late. Better late than never I hope?)If you celebrate another series of holidays, I hope your celebrations were memorable and you're ready to charge into 2013 with guns blazing. But before you … [Read more...]

Saccharin, Silicone and SEO

What in Charles Dickens Are We Thinking? Recently I posted at a "touch bases" post, just checking in with my readers and letting them know I'm blogging some of my better SEO and business ideas here. Checking my comments, I found a new comment on an older post where I was talking about recovering from the Google Penguin … [Read more...]

The Biggest Threat To Your Business Is (What Dr. Seuss Said)

How would you fill in that blank? What does Dr. Seuss have to do with the Alameda Internet Marketing blog, or your business at all?If you're not familiar with the concept, one of the best analytical tools for a business owner is called the SWOT analysis. You can read about it here or at Wikipedia if you need a brush-up.S.W.O.T. stands … [Read more...]

What’s Better Than SEO?

As a consultant and strategist for clients of my own, I find myself in the position to educate my customers to focus a little beyond just search optimization.If you read my last post (also my first here), you remember I left you all on a cliffhanger of sorts. I mentioned, So you want better rankings (don't we all?), and more traffic from search … [Read more...]

What’s New for SEO in 2013 (and Introducing James Hussey)

There have been a lot of changes (no surprises to say that) in SEO for 2012, and as we approach 2013 I wanted to run down what's new moving into the new year. For many in the industry, it means changing old, bad habits. For those new to the industry, hopefully you can start off right and not develop bad habits that bite back later.But before we … [Read more...]

Google Plus Local to Replace Google Places

Google Local Plus

Google's made many changes over the last couple of months, keeping small businesses and people like us in the search marketing industry busy. Yesterday's announcement brings about another major change that you can't ignore... As Google ties search closer to it's social Google Plus platform, it was inevitable that Google Places would go the same … [Read more...]

Has Your Website Been Pecked by the Google Penguin?

Google Penguin Update

Last week Google made a massive change to their algorithm which decides what sites to put where in the search engine results. When we mentioned it last week, it was known only as "Webspam Algorithm Update", but has since been given the name "Penguin". Rolling out on the evening of April 24th, this update's aim was to knock out spammy search results … [Read more...]