New Google Privacy Policy: Is There Such a Thing as Privacy with Google?

You’ve likely seen all the hype about new Google privacy policy that was released last month. Everyone and their brother has an opinion about whether is evil or just invasive. But the truth is that these changes won’t affect you too much, and here’s why...One of the biggest changes that Google announced was that they will now track your searches … [Read more...]

Google Search Releases a New Penalty for Pages with Top Heavy Ads

If your page is top heavy with ads and offers content on the down low, Google will now penalize your page. No one likes to land on a site where they have to scroll past several ads that sit “above the fold” and Google Search won’t return these pages in the tops of searches any longer, according to a new post from The Google Search blog. Here’s what … [Read more...]

Google Places and Local SEO: The Basics

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, it became necessary for people to constantly shout to the world what they're doing right now, whether that be on vacation with family or standing in line at the post office. That has now evolved to where it's not just about what you're doing, but where you're doing it. Enter Google Places – part of Google Maps, this … [Read more...]

What is Google Schemer?

Google+Google has done it again. In its sinister – ok not so sinister – plan to take over the World Wide Web, Google has launched the Schemer platform closed beta. What is Schemer, you ask? It is a new Google family platform created by a small group of Google engineers to compete with FourSquare and Yelp.  Did we say compete? Google has not exactly … [Read more...]

Snippets Changes for Google

In the continuing saga to find the perfect search engine algorithm, Google has released some new changes to their system. Don’t worry; you can count the changes on two hands this round. For small business owners, the enhanced "snippet" adaptions can really be a game changer. Snippets Schmippets The majority of the changes are focused on making the … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing Jargon Part 2: Focus on Copy Writing

Have no fear, we're back with your next lesson in Internet Marketing jargon! Last lesson we covered the basics with just enough to wet your whistle and leave you wanting more. Did it work? Today we're going to to focus on terms that are used in regards to the copy writing on your web page. Copy writers A copy writer is a professional writer who … [Read more...]

Things That Can Mess Up Your Google Places Rankings

Setting up your business profile on Google Places can be a tad bit confusing and certain missteps in the process might result in your listing being buried in the Google abyss. Some common mistakes are honest ones, things that no one would even consider would qualify for a derogatory mark in Google's algorithm. However, some are the result of taking … [Read more...]

Google Goes Deep with Flow Analytics

Google steps up to the plate once again to give its users what they want by making some of it's Google Analytics a little prettier and easy to understand. This time they have provided a clearer visualization of how visitors flow through the pages on your website with their new tool called "Flow Visualization."  Susan J. Wojcicki and Phil Mui … [Read more...]

The World Mourns the Passing of Steve Jobs, Technological Visionary

The world is mourning arguably the most important technology leader of our times. Steve Jobs, technological visionary and co-founder of Apple and Pixar passed away yesterday and the entire world shed a collective tear. The Technology Industry Remembers Steve Jobs You can be sure that no one is mourning this great loss more than the employees of … [Read more...]

Social Media Messaging: Best Practices for Small Business

As a small business owner you can no longer stick your head in the sand when it comes to the discussion of social media. It has evolved not only into a legitimate marketing resource, but a mandatory one. The key to getting the most out of the social media phenomenon is to have well written, cohesive messages distributed across all of your social … [Read more...]