6 Quick Steps to Make WordPress SEO Friendly

As popular as WordPress is as a blogging and website platform, the product isn’t exactly SEO friendly right out of the box. You’ll need to perform a few simple tasks while setting up your new website to make sure you receive the full benefit of SEO. If you’ve already set up your site, don’t worry; most of these can be remedied even after the fact. … [Read more...]

Wix and SEO: Friends or Foes?

Are the rumors true that Wix sites don’t experience great SEO results? In a word, yes. But the real answer isn’t that simple. Essentially, you can increase search engine optimization for certain aspects of a Wix site, but some problems just don’t have a solution yet. This is a real bummer, too, because Wix sites and templates are incredibly … [Read more...]

Social Media and SEO: How the 2 Work Together

Should you dedicate your marketing dollars towards SEO or social media? The answer is yes. These two marketing practices have become closely intertwined. While it’s certainly possible to do one without the other, your chances of success are much lower. The experts at Google deploy around 500-600 code changes each year. These updates and tweaks to … [Read more...]

SEO for Local Businesses: First 5 Steps

So, you know you should be doing SEO for your local business. But, you aren’t. Or perhaps your search engine optimization strategy hasn’t been updated since it was acceptable to use techniques like keyword stuffing or hidden text. That’s okay. It’s never too late to begin using effective and up-to-date SEO tactics. Many small business owners … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make Your Local Business Website Traffic Explode!

Is your local business driving enough website traffic to get new customers through your door?Many local business marketers are still relying on antiquated methods like phone book advertising or bill boards to bring in new customers. Not only is this approach unlikely to yield the ROI you’d like, it also probably won’t win you any fans in your … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Design Your Website with Social Media in Mind

Did you know that 96% of first-time visitors to your company website aren’t ready to make a purchase?While local searches are more likely than less-targeted searches to result in a purchase, you still need to consider how you’ll convert casual visitors into eventual customers. One of the most effective ways you can initiate these relationships, … [Read more...]

Integrating Social Media, SEO, and Local into 1 Winning Strategy

SEO and social media are both powerfully effective marketing tactics on their own. When they’re combined into a single strategy? Your local business can gain unstoppable momentum. Recent updates to Google’s search algorithm have placed additional weight on social signals as a ranking factor, meaning it’s now more important than ever to develop a … [Read more...]

5 Ways Social Media and Local SEO Build Value for Your Business

For years, many local business owners have relied on referrals, recommendations, and print advertising to bring new business through their doors. However, these traditional tactics just don’t work like they used to. Print media has experienced a 50% decline in the past decade, while email marketing performs 9,500% better than direct mail.  … [Read more...]

Matt Cutts Says “Stop Guest Blogging for SEO”

You've spent months searching for guest blogging opportunities in your niche. You’ve learned to pitch like a pro, deliver on your promised content, and watch the links to your site come pouring in. You’ve gained relationships, subscribers, and noticeable SEO improvements during your time as a dedicated guest blogger. When Google’s head webspam … [Read more...]

Dissecting Google’s Memory The Real Influence Link and Content Velocity Have on Your Ranking

Just like my detail-oriented fiancé, Google remembers everything I've ever done.  A few months ago I proposed to her on a beach.  There were whales, a sunset, fancy wine and a diamond.Last birthday?  A private room at a classy restaurant with flowers and candlelight.  But do you think those magnificent romantic gestures made her forget the one … [Read more...]