Disable Comments and Lock Posts in Google+

On October 4th Google announced a few new features for Google+ that will give you even more control over your Google+ experience. According to Ebby Amirebrahimi, a Google+ engineer, you now have the ability to disable comments on your posts. Ebby also showcased an even better feature, being able to lock your posts before you actually post them to your stream. In the past you were able to lock your posts, but you had to actually post them to your stream first. These little fixes let us know that Google is indeed listening to its user base as Google+ continues to evolve.

Lock Posts and Disable Comments in Google+

Locking posts and disabling comments before you share could not be easier. After you have entered your post or added your photo or video to Google+, you can go ahead and select your circles as usual. To the right of the box where you select your circles, you will see a gray drop-down arrow. Simply hover over the arrow and you will see “disable comments” and “lock posts.” Select whichever function you’d like and you’re done!

New Features for Google+

If you aren’t sure which to select, maybe this will help. Disabling comments will make in impossible for anyone to comment on your post in any way. Locking your post will prevent anyone from re-sharing you post.

If you still aren’t sure how to use the new features, you can also check out this video that Ebby posted to his blog.


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  2. Thanks for the videos, Ross! I still like G+, but simply don’t spend as much time as I wish I did there…

    PS Just added your blog to my CommentLuv enabled blog list.

    • Hi Ana, nice to see you here! G+ is something I’ve been neglecting as well, though with their new brand pages it’s definitely something I need to get on. And thanks for the addition to your list!

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