Google Goes Deep with Flow Analytics

Google steps up to the plate once again to give its users what they want by making some of it’s Google Analytics a little prettier and easy to understand. This time they have provided a clearer visualization of how visitors flow through the pages on your website with their new tool called “Flow Visualization.” ¬†Susan J. Wojcicki and Phil Mui announced at the Web 2.0 Summit yesterday, that the new tool will create a more visual way for users to find and analyze these analytics by the use of more graphical data.

Google Goes Deep with Flow Analytics

Visitor Flow

According to Google, not only have they made this tool visually appealing to our eye-strained and many times blood shot eyeballs, but they have also made the graphical analytics super interactive! With one click you are able to highlight and follow certain pathways and gain knowledge from the connections and allows you to drill down to get some really in depth information. In addition, the new analytic tool professes to providing you information not just from the highest sources, but from all of the visits that lead to a particular node allowing you to get a complete picture.

Goal Flow

Goal flow allows site owners to see just how visitors actually flow through the goal steps that were established by the site owner themselves. It will help you determine volume of visits by the parameters you choose, when people decide to eject, and how site visitors interact with the pages on your website, amongst other nifty things.

Cool stuff coming through the Google pipeline . These two new tools should be rolled out to all of us sometime over the next few weeks, and according to the comments on Phil Mui’s blog the consensus is, everyone is excited and highly optimistic that this will indeed help all of us better analyze our site flow.


  1. Liane Markus Liane Markus says:

    This is considered to be a new improvement of Google because of the contribution that they had made. Google have lots of great benefits to offer and I am sure that they will be bringing and creating more. I really like the discussion about Goal Flow and Visitor Flow.

  2. Ada Edwards Ada Edwards says:

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  3. Liane Markus Liane Markus says:

    I definitely agree with you Ada. If you do not know what flow analytic is, you will have difficulty in trying to understand and utilize it as the same time. This is the reason why I was glad to see and read this kind of post.