Social Media Marketing: Not Just a Numbers Game

If you have often wondered how someone can have 5,000 fans or followers but no interaction, no “conversation” taking place on their Social Media pages, you are not alone. Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking that Social Media is all about the numbers.  In some respects they are correct, but in the grand scheme of things turning Social Media into a valuable marketing tool is so much more.

Choosing Social Media Platforms

Establishing which Social Media platforms to focus on is the first step in any Social Media marketing campaign.  Who is your audience? You want to make sure you go where the action is, where does your audience hang out?

Think about it this way, if you are a lawyer, you’re not going to go and establish a photo-centric blog on Tumblr. If you did, your peers would probably laugh you at you, but I digress. A lawyer would want to focus on the big 3, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. In addition they would obviously want to have a strong presence on LinkedIn to boost their professional image.

Diggit and StumbleUpon are also extremely valuable resources for business professionals. On the other hand, artists, fashion designers and the like would be remiss if they overlooked the power of Tumblr and deviantART. Musicians would want to embrace sites such as Buzznet,, Pure Volume, Last.FM and The Sixtyone.

The Numbers Lie

While it stands to reason that the more followers or fans you have, the more people are paying attention to your product or brand, that can be a great big, fat lie.  Ok, perhaps a lie is too strong a word… but it can be a misleading statement. In truth, a successful Social Media campaign should revolve around the quality of the followers or fans, not just the quantity.

Sure, someone can have 3,000 fans but if they aren’t buying what you’re selling, is it really doing you any good? Successful social engagement requires a commonality. All too often people are sucked in by these “quick and easy” “surefire” ways to collect fans and followers, but in the end are they really reading what you write or are you just another follower to add to their ridiculously long list as well?

In some upcoming blog posts, we’ll examine Social Media campaigns and dole out some pretty sweet ideas for how to gain organic follows and what industry specific platforms are out there.  Just remember, the numbers only count if people are engaged.

If you have any questions regarding Social Media Marketing for your small business, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Anonymous About Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor is the man behind Alameda Internet Marketing. He lives in Alameda, CA with his wife, kids, and mother in law. When he's not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, listening to records, and spending quality time with his XBOX.


  1. Liane Markus Liane Markus says:

    Social Media Marketing for me is not easy and it is not that easy to learn and be knowledgeable with it. I am sure with this information that you have stated, many will be taking social media marketing seriously and whole heartedly. Thanks a lot for the great information.

  2. Very true Ross. I find the more followers I have doesn’t do anything if people aren’t interested in what I have to offer. It’s almost useless adding people for the sake of of adding people. If they aren’t interested enough to do it themselves then they won’t be buying what you are selling.

    • Darren, exactly! There is something to be said for having a good number of followers. It builds credibility in your brand and might encourage others to follow you. However, if there is no conversation… that in and of itself is pretty telling. It’s no fun talking to yourself and if none of your followers are engaged and reading your content, it certainly isn’t going to help your brand!

  3. Stephan Hilson Stephan Hilson says:

    I agree that social media marketing is important. And numbers could be important if the business will be able to focus on is the first step in any Social Media marketing campaign. I found Google plus, twitter and facebook very useful in promoting products, items and online links. Maybe I should try successful social engagement to be able to increase followers and interact more with them.

    • Stephan, I think that engagement is THE most important aspect of any social media campaign. Because it is called SOCIAL media, right? While high numbers of followers are great, they do you no good if no one is listening to what you have to say. Social media isn’t meant to be a fast road to higher sales, what is can do is establish you as an expert, create loyalty and get people listening to what you have to say. Therefore making your name the first name they think of when they are looking for the services or product you provide. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Liane Markus Liane Markus says:

    I forgot to mention that Social Media is already part of our lives and we have to admit that Social Media has affected our lifestyle into something that is positive.

  5. I also agree that Social marketing is important, but I think companies are focusing too much energy on it. Have a presence and use it to help build your brand, but do not abandon traditional marketing techniques that are tried and true.