Using Internet Marketing and SEO to Rank Higher in the Search Engines

Using Internet Marketing and SEO to Rank Higher in the Search EnginesMany small business owners are scratching their head wondering just how they can rank higher in the search engine, with all of the competition in their market.  They know that higher ranking equals more traffic which, if their site is well created, equals more sales.

Internet Marketing and SEO Experts

Unfortunately there is no magic wand to wave that will instantly throw your site into Google’s top five, but there is a tried and true process that can be followed that can help you rank higher. Using Internet Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in tandem can give your site’s ranking a definite boost, no matter how fierce your competition. Hiring an expert in the field that can analyze your site on a daily basis and create a strategy for your site can greatly improve your chances of breaking into that coveted Google top 5.

Rank Higher with an Inviting Website

As mentioned in his recent blog post for The Search Engine People titled “Converting Visits to Sales: SEO is Only Half the Battle,” Alameda Marketing’s top expert, Ross Taylor, reminds business owners that increasing sales from your SEO campaign isn’t just about the campaign itself. The site has to be pleasing to the eye, user friendly, and full of interesting and engaging content that will keep your potential customers there and make them say, “hey, they really know what they’re talking about!” As Ross says “The decision to buy is made in seconds.” Getting your site to rank higher doesn’t do any good if your visitors bounce as soon as they hit your site. You need to make those seconds count!

Offsite Optimization Campaigns

A good part of using SEO to rank higher in the search engines is creating an offsite optimization campaign. These campaigns require a lot of copy writing, social media engagement and a healthy dose of persistence. The reasoning behind this type of campaign is that the more links out there on the big old Internet, the more interesting Google thinks that people find your site and that weighs heavily in the Google algorithm.

Tackling this campaign with a constant influx of legitimate, quality backlinks to your site is the key. You can gain traction by using article directories, press releases, posting videos, blogging and guest blogging, and writing engaging articles, just to name a few. Another avenue to explore is using social media and social bookmarking sites to post links to engaging content from your site, and to engage in social conversations with your potential customers!

When used together by an expert who constantly monitors your standing, these strategies can make your website unstoppable. No matter how fierce your competition, there is always a way to rank higher, it’s just a matter of analyzing the competition and using these tools to make it happen!

Anonymous About Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor is the man behind Alameda Internet Marketing. He lives in Alameda, CA with his wife, kids, and mother in law. When he's not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, listening to records, and spending quality time with his XBOX.


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